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Johnson Oil Card Fuel Centers offer commercial prices, customized fuel invoice reports, optional data entry at the pump (e.g. truck's odometer reading), high volume diesel pumps, quality premium diesel, and, gasoline. Johnson Oil Credit Cards can be issued for the vehicle and for each driver, giving the option for detailed invoice reporting for both the vehicle and drivers.

Johnson Oil card Fuel Centers are located in several northern Michigan locations and are an ideal service for customers who need to carefully monitor their fuel usage.

Detailed Invoice

The detailed monthly invoice can be tailored to the needs of your company.

For example, a small company with a single delivery vehicle and one driver would likely want just one Johnson Oil Credit Card. The data entry requirement may be to simply swipe the card.

A large company may have more complex tracking requirements. For example, a delivery company may have many trucks and many drivers. In a case like this a card may be issued for each truck and a card may be issued for each driver; both cards would be swiped when refueling at a Johnson Oil Card Fuel Center. The driver may be asked to enter additional information at the pump, such as the odometer reading, route number or a miscellaneous field. The pump screen will query for whatever the driver is supposed to enter.

There are numerous options that can be programmed into the card(s). Contact Johnson Oil Company to develop the reporting system that meets your company's fuel tracking needs.

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